We offer our clients

Expert Legal Advice

Mr. Wiltshire holds three law degrees and continues
to engage in retraining and remaining up to date
on new developments in the law.

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We keep our

Focus on Our Clients

Our clients are an integral part of our firm and not just a file. We place
special emphasis on giving each client focused attention
and proper representation at all times.

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We ensure our

Clients are our priority

We place our clients and their legal needs first as it is our
duty to ensure our clients are well represented.

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Practice Areas

We offer our legal services in the following areas:

Immigration Law

We can help with many immigration issues, including deportation defense and citizenship applications.
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Corporate Law & Compliance

We can help you form, dissolve, and litigate your business interests throughout Georgia.
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International Law

We are experienced in dealing witrh issues regarding international law. To discuss an issue with an attorney,
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Entertainment Law

We can help you navigate through this broad scope of entertainment laws that are ever changing.
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If you believe antitrust laws were violated, we can help you navigate these statutes.
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Wills, Trusts & Estates

We can help with your estate planning. Should you decide on a Will or a Trust? Which is better for your estate?
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